The World Laparoscopy Hospital Laparoscopic Skills centre (WLHSC) is located at Gurgaon, India, and this State-of-the-art surgical skills teaching facility was opened in 2001 by Professor R.K. Mishra to provide a safe environment for teaching and training in laparoscopic surgery.view more info


The Centre currently provides a large range of skills training courses in laparoscopic general surgery, Gynecology and also training courses in a variety of other surgical specialties like ENT, endoscopy, urology, orthopaedics at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.view more info


The mission of the Skills Centre of World Laparoscopy Hospital is to provide high quality skills training to meet the learning requirements of international healthcare professionals within the minimal surgical specialties.view more info


Courses of Word Laparoscopy Hospital is recognized internationally by World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons. Valuable as a foundation or supplement to any current MIS curriculum, Laparoscopic Training of WLH is also an appropriate learning tool for disciplines such as gynecology and urology, as Fellowship of World Laparoscopy Hospital is not procedure-specific. The training was started even before others.

World Class Institute

Unique and innovative style of laparoscopic training allows users to rehearse endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical exercises without assistance.view more info

Fellowship and Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery

Comprehensive Hands On education module that includes a hands-on skills training component and assessment tool designed to teach the physiology, fundamental knowledge, and technical skills required in laparoscopic surgery..

Centre of Excellence for Laparoscopic Training

Goal of any good laparoscopic training institute is to provide surgical residents, fellows and practicing surgeon an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery in a consistent, scientifically accepted format; and to test cognitive, surgical decision-making, and technical minimal access surgical skills, all with the goal of improving the quality of patient care.
Courses of World Laparoscopy Hospital is designed for surgical residents, fellows and practicing physicians to learn and practice laparoscopic skills to have the opportunity to definitely measure and document those skills.

Laparoscopic Fellowship and Diploma Recognized by WALS

World's First Examination based University, Fellowship and Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery for surgeon and gynecologists.

Apply for Admission

Candidates who are interested in laparoscopic training should apply on time as seats are getting full on first come first serve basis. Within past one decade there has been a steady increase in the number of doctors taking the laparoscopic training at World Laparoscopy Hospital and this number is growing each year. view more info

Seeing the long waiting list of admission candidates are obliged to take an online entrance exam in surgery and gynecology before they will be selected for "Hands On" laparoscopic training at this institute.

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